(us / Warp / Sumach)

The world needs more artists like Gonjasufi—people who don’t give a flying f*ck about the “album cycle,” who intentionally upturn your expectations, who turn social media profiles into riddles unfolding in real time.

The last we heard a full-length solo effort from Sumach Ecks was four years ago, when the Warp-signed singer/producer dropped his album MU.ZZ.LE. That year he also teamed up with the Gaslamp Killer on “Veins” from GLK’s Breakthrough, and he parlayed one of the best tracks off MU.ZZ.LE into an appearance on Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. It was a good year for him. Following his 2010 debut A Sufi and a Killer, those murk-encrusted loops and haunting melodies continued to rise up and grab a growing audience by the throat.

Sufi has always been open about how his art reflects a deep well of anger and pain; he’s worked through it on the yoga mat and with his MPC. Now he’s releasing a new album, Callus (out August 19 via Warp), and in title alone it speaks to the scar tissue that covers so much of life. As he put it in an announcement of the album: “How can you not be in pain? It ain’t about getting past that sh*t. It’s about growing into it. I peeled through all these layers to get to the core.”

Album single “Maniac Depressant” plays like a hellish cowboy anthem. The drums are blown out and barely tethered to a tempo. The lonely, one-stringed guitar lick slumps over like a junkie on the nod. Gonjasufi is half-singing and half-yelling his lyrics, zeroing in on the precariousness of mental health, of anguish and loss as its own raw material.

Listening to this, it’s easy to relate it to the wider pain that’s seemingly visited upon us every week now: with one global and national tragedy after another. Thankfully, our society has yet to completely lose track of its own humanity. But in “Maniac Depressant,” Gonjasufi captures how it feels to have the binding completely broken, with nowhere to go but down.

(BY PETER HOLSLIN http://www.passionweiss.com/2016/07/12/hes-a-maniac-maniac-new-music-from-gonjasufi/)

“moody, gothic psychedelia” - Stereogum
“Gonjasufi's Callus is an album that's disorienting at its catchiest, harrowing at its ugliest, and more than willing to run both of those modes at the same time” - Pitchfork



(us / HIT+RUN / I had An Accident Records)

Skrapez is without a doubt the most rebellious hip-hop group in San Diego. DIY almost to a fault, the duo doesn’t do the normal things most local acts do, like maintain a Facebook page, record studio albums or curry favor with movers and shakers behind the San Diego Music Awards. Instead, they forge their own, distinctly hellish path, terrorizing unsuspecting audiences with brash soundscapes, clanging breakbeats and vicious turntable scratches.

Formed in the early ’00s, the duo—Jon Calzo, aka Tenshun and David Lampley, aka Psychopop, is essentially the missing link between San Diego’s two noisiest punk and rap movements.

Text by Peter Holslin “San Diego City Beat”



(us / Gold Holy Water, I had An Accident Records, Midnight Colors)

OptimisGFN aka Twan Beautiful from Cambridge, MA. Been around the scene for over a decade. On various releases (OptimisGFN Sound Paragon EP, Komadose Beta One, Uncommon Records We Are Vol.1, Different Animal Mixtape, Black Heaven King Mixtape) within the last few years. Independent artist also affiliated with legendary Cambridge crew “The Lost Channel”.



(Wolkenvorhang / FilthyBroke Recordings / Circle Into Square / A) 

theclosing is a Vienna-based music and art duo that consists of Daniela Palma Caetano Auer and Alexander Hengl. Lukas Lehner / TSI was their third member until 2015. They have been working towards the goal of making beguiling and original electronic music by mixing analog and digital sources that evades easy genre classification since 2004. 

Their first official EP "the way to M" and their self-titled debut album were released on the American independent labels Circle Into Square and Fake Four Inc. Lately their sound became more influenced by ambient and noise elements, which you can hear on their album “Live at Beatmaker Sessions”.

They have played support shows for artists like Dälek, Zavoloka, Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti and collaborated with K-The-I???, Audio88, Babelfishh, Bleubird or Cars & Trains among others. Ever since 2013 they also organize the concert series Wolkenvorhang in their hometown Vienna, together with rapper and producer Parkwaechter Harlekin.

At their upcoming shows they will present yet unreleased material and tracks from their forthcoming album on FilthyBroke Recordings (www.FilthyBroke.com) out on june 23.



Super Unusual Beings x wolkenvorhang present:



The SUB-crew and Wolkenvorhang are very proud to be able to present Blockhead live in Vienna for the very first time. Stay tuned for more collaborations in the closer future as we are planning to bring more thrilling and challenging hip hop acts to our club.


BLOCKHEAD (NYC / Ninjatune) live
DOT (DE / Yawl / Blindspot / Anette Records) live
TSI (AT / Duzz Down San) dj-set
JUDAH (VIE) live

Blockhead is a critically acclaimed beat-maker from New York and has been making some of the most unique and funky club music to come out of New York City. Famed for his genre crossing party style blending up-tempo Electronic music with psychedelic Hip Hop beats that made him famous around the globe he has been releasing highly acclaimed albums on Ninja Tune for several years. In 2017 he is ready to launch his new album “Funeral balloons” and a free album which will feature Logic, Homeboy Sandman, Aesop Rock and many more. 

With up to 3 million views on you tube he is one of the most successful beat makers artists. He has toured all over the world on his own as well as with Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Diplo and many more. Aside from his solo efforts released on Ninja Tune label, Blockhead is most associated with producing the critically acclaimed hip hop artist Aesop Rock (Rhymesayers), recognized for his dense abstract word play.

BLOCKHEAD presents us a skillful follow-up to his last “Interludes After Midnight (Ninja Tune)” album with this new masterpiece “Bells and Whistles”.

In 2013 he and independent Rapper Illogic released "Capture The Sun" which received rave reviews and was hailed as one best Hip Hop albums in 2013. 

BLOCKHEAD is also known for making beats for the likes of like Atmosphere, Murs, Mac Lethal, Cage, Mike Ladd and many more. 
As an active piece to the sound design elements of legendary MC Aesop Rock and a body of solo records with Ninja Tune that is already decade defining in its genre, Blockhead has always been one of our favorite hip hop - electronic producers since his inception as a professional musician. His music career has always been about unique pathways into the ethos of hip hop production music but he taps into a grid of sound that is all engulfing and expansive in past and present eras, bridging many modes of sound from all over the world with lush bass lines and classic break-beats always on deck. It’s a beautiful world of music that he’s produced since his 2003 debut LP Music By Cavelight and he returned in 2015 with the announcement of his 6th LP Bells and Whistles. Bells and Whistles released through digital formats and a vinyl version. 
2012’s Interludes After Midnight (Ninja Tune) is the last solo record Blockhead dropped and it’s an incredible feeling to hear his new offering Bells and Whistles. Blockhead has released the first two songs from the record for streaming purposes via Soundcloud (“Kaput!” & “On The Back Of A Golden Dolphin”), it remains true to his usual alternative standards, with introspective samples, unusual beats and an adequate dose of the eerie compositional elements that we usually find in his work. The album is like a mixture of various genres, ranging from soul to electronica to jazz to psych rock, thrown into a pot and stirred. But what comes out is still definitively hip hop and vintage Blockhead. 

Funeral Balloons is the new album from acclaimed producer & NYC fixture Blockhead [real name; Tony Simon]. Funeral Balloons is as bold and irreverent as the title suggests; from the uplifting and energetic mood of “A bad case of the sundays” to the spaced out airy grooves found on “UFMOG” all the way to the 1970’s car chase anthem like “Escape from NY”, the songs never stop in one place. 
While, at it's core, Funeral Balloons doesn't stray far from the kind of music Blockhead has been making since his debut Music by Cavelight, his evolution as a producer is on full display, exploring different avenues and sounds with every new release and continuing to forge his own lane between the worlds of Hip hop and electronic music. 
Blockhead presents a blinding new live show. 

Interview: http://radioroomy.com/intervyu-blockhead-en 

www.soundcloud.com/blockheadnyc/on-the-back-of-a-golden-dolphin (new) 
Best of Blockhead mix: http://soundcloud.com/dj-pizzo/blockhead-the-robin-byrd 

Local support will be provided by DOT (live!/DE / Yawl / Blindspot / Anette Records), Judah (live!/VIE) and TSI (dj-set /AT / Duzz Down San)

DOT has a reputation as busybody and puppet master behind numerous projects. He is already making a name beyond the local music scene and has released various albums whose various editions have been selling out rapidly. After an expansive European tour as part of the rap group BLINDSPOT he received the Augsburg music award ROY as best artist. Never running out of ideas and new goals he then proceeded to form international rap group, YAWL together with Ancient Mith from Denver, Colorado. They have toured Europe together with Saul Williams and Astronautalis as well as various german band Frittenbude. His latest album, Beast Issues, and follow up to albums: Erratica (2015) / Alice (2014) is being released 20.10.2017 via Independent label Anette Records.


TSI is a Vienna based producer and DJ. He has been on the lookout for unusual sounds, rhythms and moods to fuel his music for the last 13 years without losing touch to his Hip Hop grounding. TSI stands for raw, melodic and often spaced out beats that will take you to other worlds and entice you to dream. You will find TSI somewhere between classical Bom Bap, Ambient, Electronica and Jazz. A certain Lo-Fi aesthetic cannot be denied which seems like a conscious refusal to apply the current standards of contemporary clubmusic. His debut album „Groks+Microns“ was released 2014 on Vienna Label Duzz Down San. His production work can be heard on various compilations and collaborations with rappers such as Mosch, Form and Audio88.


Judah is one of the best kept secrets of the Vienna rap scene. He has been around as an MC for the last 17 years and secretely honing his MC and beatmaker skills for most of the time. Expect a smooth and Jazzy delivery that will take you back to those hieroglyphics/pharcyde days while not ignoring current styles and music. Expect a fine selection of hand-picked beats and trippy wordplay.




22.9.2017 @ rhiz

ONRY OZZBORN (US / Fake Four Inc. / Rhymesayers), P.TAH & TESTA (A / Duzz Down San), PARKWAECHTER HARLEKIN (A / Problembär Records)

djs: Spinelly (A / Duzz Down San), Nela (A / Wolkenvorhang)

Beginn 21h
vvk (jugendinfo): 9 € ak: 12 €




Der Wolkenvorhang kommt nach einer, mit Wolkenvorhang Clubs gespickten, Sommerpause am 22. September ab 21 Uhr zurück ins Rhiz mit einem Abend der ein breites Spektrum des lokalen und internationalen Indie-Raps abdeckt.

Onry Ozzborn, der seit langer Zeit mit Oldominion, Grayskul und Dark Time Sunshine, einer der wichtigsten Namen im alternativen Hip Hop aus dem pazifischen Nordwesten ist, wird sein aktuelles Solo-Album "c v p ii d" präsentieren.

Local Support Acts, Duzz Down San Alumnus P.TAH mit seiner Leng EP im Gepäck sorgt für einzigartigen deutschsprachigen Grime-Sound, während Wolkenvorhang Resident Parkwaechter Harlekin das Line-Up mit experimentellerem bis melodiösen, elektronischen Rap abrundet.

Vor und nach den drei Live-Acts sorgen die Djs Spinelly und Nela für die Wolkenvorhang-übliche abwechslungsreiche und oft unerwartete Musikauswahl und Stimmung bis niemand mehr kann.

Wovo-Resident und theclosing-Mitglied Nela hat, neben dem Posterdesign, auch einen neuen Mix rund um Onrys Track "Bed Bugs" gebastelt:



(US / Dark Time Sunshine / Grayskul / Fake Four Inc. / Rhymesayers)

Onry Ozzborn (of Dark Time Sunshine & Grayskul) was discovered at a UFO crash in Alamogordo NM one hundred & seventeen years ago. He specializes in Indie/Electronic/HipHop Music & never dances. He resides in Seattle WA & enjoys coffee, crossbows, & his two humans that he helped invent. Record labels he’s affiliated with are Fake Four Inc., Rhymesayers Ent. & his own brand Ted Records (named after his family dog).

Enjoy his vast catalog & catch him at a village near you.

foto: Nikolaus Herzog von Hohenberg 

foto: Nikolaus Herzog von Hohenberg 


(A / Duzz Down San / BLVZE)

P.TAH schreibt seit Jahren Raps, produziert Beats und hat in Vergangenheit mit "Hörspiel Crew“, "B Seiten Sound" und „Atomique/P.tah/Con“ auf den Bühnen vieler namhafter Festivals und Clubs Österreichs performt.

Zwischendurch hat er mit "Klaim" Indie-Electronica herausgebracht, seit 2011 ist er live und im Studio vermehrt mit Johnny C ́manche, Tenchu (Atomique), Con, Mirac und Testa unterwegs.

P.TAH ist auf über 35 offiziellen Veröffentlichungen vertreten, er betreibt mit anderen das Label "Duzz Down San" und veranstaltet mit „BLVZE" Bassmusic-Parties in Wien. Sowohl beim auflegen als auch beim produzieren gilt seine Liebe vordergründig Bass-, Dub- und Grime-Sound.

Live wird er beim 32. Wolkenvorhang von seinem Duzz Down San Kollegen TESTA an den Turntables unterstützt.

© David Visnjic

© David Visnjic


(A / Problembär Records / Wolkenvorhang)

Parkwaechter Harlekin kommt aus und lebt in der Kleinstadt Baden bei Wien, wo er seit seiner Kindheit, umgeben von Weinbergen, Wäldern, reichen Leuten und vorstädtischer Langeweile, an seinem abstrakten und bildhaften lyrischen Stil und seinem eigenständigen Produktionsstil feilt. Seine Musik ist polierter Matsch und schlammiger Chrom, irgendwo zwischen kitschigem Pop und experimentellem Rap.

In den Jahren 2010 und 2013 hat er seine zwei Alben „Liebe“ und „Die Unentschlossenheit der Tueren“ auf dem österreichischen Independent Label Problembär Records veröffentlicht. Im Laufe der Jahre kamen zahlreiche free releases und Kollaboratioen hinzu.

Am 10. März 2017 erschien sein neues Alum „Zum Fleiss“. 4 Jahre hat Parkwaechter Harlekin an seinem neuen Album gefeilt und es hat sich gar nicht so viel verändert. „Das Leitmotiv meiner Diskographie sind Zeit und Staub und Liebe und Schweiß und Liebeslieder an die Apathie…“ – Parkwaechter Harlekin.


(A / Duzz Down San)
(A / theclosing / Wolkenvorhang)


in Kollaboration mit FOMP

Sa, 30.9.2017 @ Einbaumöbel


mit Akustik-Konzerten von James P HoneyCeschi Ramos und Squalloscope 

und einer Spoken Word Performance von Phosphen




Kulturverein Einbaumöbel - 1bm (Gürtelbogen Nr 97)

Einlass 21:00 / Beginn: 22:00 / Eintritt 5€






(Buriers / Endemik / I Had An Accident Records / Mism / Milled Pavement / UK)

James P Honey ist Poet, Sänger, Pfuscher und Anführer des Kults der Londoner Band BURIERS. 

Seine akustischen, solo, Miseren-Lieder sind unfassbar minimal und verweben Poesie mit ergreifender, klassisch gezupften Gitarre. 

"Like a modern-day Leonard Cohen" Volume Magazine 

"The Lyrical Power of a nose-splitting head butt" Gold Flake Paint 

"A musical Kerouac" Micah P. Hinson 




(Anonymous Inc. / Fake Four Inc. / Equinox Records / Net31 / Beyond Space Entertainment / US)

Ceschi Ramos ist ein Rapper und Sänger aus Conneticut der seit gut zwei Jahrzehnten zwischen den Genres hüpft und dabei sein Herz ausschüttet. Es kam schon mal vor, dass er um 3 Uhr Morgens vor Venues in Deutschland seine akustische Gitarre spielte und zu Leuten sang die einfach nur wollten, dass die Show nicht endet. Er hat Gedichte für seine Fans aus dem Gefängnis geschrieben während er dort zu unrecht eine Strafe wegen Marihuana absaß. Er brach sich den Oberarm beim Armdrücken mit einem Marine auf Hawaii. Er hat mit ein paar der wichtigsten Vertretern des Indie-Raps, u.a. Sage Francis, Busdriver, Astronautalis, aufgenommen und getourt. Er war Mitglied in Bands die als hardcore, crunk rap, lo-fi synth pop, latin progressive oder psych-jazz-rapp beschrieben worden sind. Er hat abstrakte aber auch persönliche Narrative aus den tiefen der Depression und den Höhenflügen der Hoffnung geschaffen. Er hat unzählige Nächte auf Küchenböden geschlafen weil das Geld für ein Hotel nicht im Budget war. Er hat aus Liebe zum Schaffen und Performen Beziehungen und Jobs verloren.

Ceschi wurde mit vier Fingern an sein rechten Hand geboren, was zum Teil den Namen von seinem DIY Indie-Label „Fake Four Inc“ inspirierte. Die die schon einmal mit ihm in diesem Zusammenhang gearbeitet haben beschreiben ihn als einen der künstler_innen-freundlichsten Labelbosse die es gibt. Seit 2008 veröffentlicht Fake Four Inc die originellsten und wildesten Alben von den verschiedensten Künstler_innen wie Open Mike Eagle, Buck 65, Sister Crayon und Dark Time Sunshine, zusätzlich zu seinen Soloprojekten wie "The One Man Band Broke Up" und "Broken Bone Ballads".




(Paper Bird / Seayou Records / Fake Four Inc. / Camp Frienemy)

Squalloscope ist Anna Kohlweis, die sich als Songschreiberin, Musikerin, Multimediakünstlerin, Illustratorin, Musikproduzentin und Sängerin sämtliche Arbeitsschritte von Songwriting über Produktion, Aufnahme, und Mischung, bis hin zu Artwork und Video unter den Nagel reißt. Zwischen 2006 und 2011 brachte sie drei Alben als Paper Bird am Wiener Label Seayou Records heraus; danach folgt das Album "Soft Invasions“ und eine Handvoll EPs als Squalloscope. Squalloscopes Alben wurde in den letzten Jahren sowohl als aufmunternd, als auch als Schlag in die Magengrube beschrieben. Manchmal weint das Publikum. Neulich erklärte eine Hörerin: “I felt like someone had just run over my emotions with a cheese grater.” Squalloscope findet das angemessen und gut. 

Ihr fünftes Album "Exoskeletons for Children“ wird im November 2017 auf Seayou Records (A) und Ceschi's Fake Four Inc. (US) veröffentlicht. Geschrieben und aufgenommen im Alleingang in ihrem alten Dachbodenzimmer im kärntner Elternhaus, amerikanischen Kellern im mittleren Westen und in den Wohnungen von FreundInnen, sind der Platte Grenzen und Schubladen schon wieder ziemlich wurst. Beats und Field Recordings werden geloopt und Synths und Gitarren klatschen sich irgendwo dazwischen ab, während über allem schwebend Squalloscope gepitcht, verfünffacht und sehr nah am Publikumsohr ziemlich intim vom aufwachsen in einer wackeligen Welt erzählt und sich mit viel Liebe, Wut und makabrem Humor gezielt an ein Kollektiv, ein übergreifendes Zusammenhalten in unheimlichen Zeiten richtet: "Let's build exoskeletons for children, let them know we got their backs. Let them know we got their noses, let them know we got their pinkies til they crack.“




(Anna-Lena Obermoser & Christopher Hütmannsberger aka Selbstlaut / A)

Anna-Lena Obermoser und Christopher Hütmannsberger sind Phosphen. Phosphen erzählt von einer uns allen viel zu bekannten Menschlichkeit. Was bedeutet es zu fallen, aufstehen zu wollen, wer sind wir denn überhaupt? Wo höre ich auf und wo fängst du an? 

Die besten Köpfe unserer Generation sind schon lange zerstört worden und sie rollen wie Fußbälle auf grüne Felder der Desillusion. 





23.6.2017 @ rhiz


THAVIUS BECK (Saul Williams / Hit+Run / US) / album release: THECLOSING (FilthyBroke Recordings / A)

djs: Inou Ki Endo (Struma + Iodine), TSI (Duzz Down San), Parkwaechter Harlekin (Problembär Records)






in collaboration with FOMP @ Kulturverein Einbaumöbel - 1bm


CESCHI (Fake Four Inc. / US) / YAWL (Anette Records / DE/US)

+ spoken word shows by Franziska HolzheimerJonas Scheiner & Christopher Hütmannsberger





Parkwaechter Harlekin "Zum Fleiss" Release








& special guest: James Reindeer (UK)



Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014 @ mo.ë vienna 

take care of electric sheep (a) 

dj: nela (theclosing)



Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013 @ mo.ë vienna

the unused word (a)

dj: godzilla soletti




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