wolkenvorhang is all about progressive independent music 

wolkenvorhang is run by Parkwaechter Harlekin & theclosing (Daniela Palma Caetano AuerAlexander Hengl) and it is a platform for our projects and stuff we like

it is also a series of mixes by friends, colleagues and ourselves published on mixcloud.com/wolkenvorhang 

and it was the name of events we organized in vienna, austria between 2013 and 2018; mainly at mo.ë (rip), rhiz and fluc

we occasionally post stuff here facebook.com/wolkenvorhang


much love to our friends who helped with the shows, made mixes or were part of this in any other way over the years! thanks for all the shared experiences.. s/o Selbstlaut, SqualloscopeTake Care of Electric SheepTSI, the Left Fields crew, Aas der Basis, Dr.Knoche, FOMPDuzz Down San, Fake Four Inc., Anette Records and so many others.. you know who you are!


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